Short distances from the surrounding fields to the production facility as well as the controlled, minimized application of fertilizers and sprays, ensure that we are taking care of the environment and the farmland. Periodic analyses of the soil, the water and also the incorporation of organic matter serve to support the eco system.

By contracting in 5 year increments with our farm base, we build a collaborative basis for the pursuit of common ideas to benefit Nature and Consumers alike.

It is important to us to still be able to process good quality, tasty raw material 50 years from now!

Steinicke produces in harmony with nature to preserve soil, air, water to ensure good present and future living conditions for all living things.

It is mandatory for farmers cultivating for Steinicke to have a bio diversity plan.
This ensures the same focus for both; the supplying farmers as well as the producer Steinicke.

Safety in the work place means that we protect and value our personnel from any risks the work-place may bear. Our company doctor has on open ear for problems and offers confidential talks.

Project with a school class to build awareness for the children: green strip at the field, hedge rows.

Old farmhouses had open access holes in the eves for bats . Nowadays is it necessary to provide  special accommodation to give them a safe home.

It is important to us to still be able to process good quality, tasty raw material 50 years from now.

Plants need nourishment as to all living beings to support them during growth and to keep them healthy. So fertilizers are necessary but in a good balance with regard to soil and water.

Plants also need protection from plant diseases, we do what is necessary but also as little as possible to meet the goal of a sound product in the end.

We do our part in protecting the climate by minimizing any emissions.

To air dry we need a lot of energy, so heat recovery is as a matter of fact  to work efficiently.

Short travel from the fields to the manufacturing place are not only a guarantee for the freshness of the raw material but also make sure that emissions from transportation are minimized.

Especially our region is a pioneer in renewable energy. Initiatives such as wind turbines, biogas plants have the effect of  Lüchow-Dannenberg being energy self-sufficient.

All living things need water, plant growth in particular is dependent on regular water supply. We are fortunate that our region usually has satisfactory rain fall to supply the amounts needed. If however additional watering is necessary, careful stewardship of the resources is considered.

Drip irrigation, which was developed for the growing in arid climates, is the most efficient and conservative way of supplying water directly to the roots of the plants. This is the way of the future and we have already started.

Since water is in direct contract with the plant, it cannot contain any harmful substances. We  regularly collect samples for labratory analysis.