It was the entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm of my grandfather Johannes Steinicke that motivated him to establish the business in 1921. It is the same spirit motivating my husband and myself to build the business today – and much to our delight all of our children are following the family tradition as well.

We have long since expanded our reach beyond the borders of Germany and Europe in the last decades and this globalization means that Steinicke air-dried vegetables can now be found in all major brands around the world.

Steinicke sees itself as a service provider to the food manufacturing industry. It is of personal importance to me that we are a good partner to all of our agricultural suppliers as well as our customers. We believe in working like the family business we are.

The key to such a cooperation is a mutual respect and the willingness to work with the wishes of others and to preserve nature.

Passion, responsibility and meeting the highest possible quality standards are important to me and are in the literal sense the „seasoning“ of our recipe for success.

Sibylle Lettenbichler

Short Facts

Finance & Administration

Granulation & Milling


Air-Drying & Micro Reduction, Warehousing, Logistics & Customer Service

  • Air-Drying and marketing of herbs and vegetables
  • Food manufacturing industries worldwide
  • 23,5 Mio €
  • 5.400 MT dried products


Our nearly 100 years of tradition and experience, as well as the use of Innovative technologies for processing, are the foundation that have led Steinicke to being one of the leading manufacturers of air dried herbs and vegetables. Our success as a strategic partner to many international producers of famous brands encourages us to strengthen this position and to be open to new developments and new business partnerships worldwide.

All the while, we are committed to deal fairly with our most important partner: Mother Nature.