We installed a modern biomass heating plant at our headquarters in Lüchow in 2023. With an output of 8,000 kW, it supplies our drying plants and other production processes with steam at a pressure of 10 bar.

Our fuel store consists of three fully automatic toploaders that efficiently feed wood chips into the combustion chamber. The wood that we store on our company premises is processed into wood chips and stored in the toploaders. From there, the wood chips are fed into the combustion chamber, where they are burned and generate energy.

Our plant uses dry, high-quality wood residues and can generate up to 12,200 kg/h of steam. The steam boiler is designed for a later be expansion with a steam turbine. Clean combustion is ensured by thorough flue gas cleaning, which filters out coarse dust and pollutants. A special SNCR system also reduces nitrogen oxide emissions.

Thanks to the biomass heating plant, our gas consumption dropped significantly: The usage of natural gas became reduced by 95%.

Our aim is to produce as CO₂-neutral and sustainable as possible. With our combination of photovoltaic systems and the biomass heating plant, we are setting new standards for the environmentally friendly drying of herbs and vegetables.